How to Prevent
Unfair Settlements
Win The "Greater Weight"
Of The Evidence Challenges
A CLE Accredited Program
 Speaker/Author: Dr. Frank Liberti

Imagine practicing in a state where a law is passed to prevent law-suits for “soft tissue” injuries. Such was the plight of Dr. Frank Liberti after the passing of the “Verbal Threshold”, a law that literally prevented law suits in auto accident claims. After losing their case in trial and on appeal, Dr. Frank Liberti fought back by becoming an Amicus Curiae and helped set precedent at the Supreme Court level to overturn the “Threshold” ruling proving that “soft-tissue” injuries do meet “Injury Threshold Status” and has been on a mission to help plaintiff attorneys to prevent unfair claims practices and low settlement valuation in accident/injury cases.

Once criticized for being “too aggressive”, Dr. Liberti believes we are waging a battle against insurance company unfair claims tactics that lower settlement valuation. He brings proven current methodologies to prevent unfair settlement valuation, eliminate varying opinions, establish preponderance and win the “Great Weight” challenges. Dr. Liberti does not want others to be a victim to insurance companies as he once was.

His career advice has been published on NBC, CNN, Entrepreneur Magazine, and in many career publications.
Spanning 40 years, he has consulted over 15 thousand doctors and lawyers on the subject of personal injury and remains a Keynote speaker today.
Dr. Liberti Is An Award-Winning Speaker And Author Of:

  • “Personal Injury - Mandates Of Litigation”
  • “Verbal Threshold – Overcoming the Greater Weight Challenges”
  • “Direct-Cross Exam – Masterful Tactics For The Diligent Medical-Legal Expert”
  • “Unfair, Unrealistic, Lowball Settlements Not Accepted”
  • “PI: Maximizing Settlement Valuation In A Colossus Environment”
  • “The Overlooked $66,000 Neck Injury – And How Not To Miss It”
  • “Turning Your Head During Impact Can Fracture Your Neck”
  • “Using Authority To Eliminate Varying Medical Opinions & Prevent Undervaluation of BI Claims”

Dr. Liberti is also the Author and developer of “Zeus”, a personal injury specific Electronic Medical Record System for physicians and an on-line interactive Demand Formulator for plaintiff attorneys to search, tag and extract all applicable; medical, administrative, legal and economic value driver factors of an injury claim and assemble them in the correct language, format and sequence to interface with and input vale into Colossus and the other software’s utilized by insurers. .